Northwestern Day Trip

Return to geologic antiquity with our Northwestern paddle. Cruising aboard the our custom built 24 passenger aluminum high speed landing craft we take a two and a half hour ride through Kenai Fjords to Northwestern Lagoon.  On the water taxi we commonly see and stop to view Sea Otters, Dalls Porpoise, Stellar Sea Lions, Bald Eagles, and Humpack as well as Orca Whales. Puffins and sea birds are also in abundance as we pass through the Chiswell Islands, the most prolific roosting grounds in the region. 

Here you disembark, where a rugged coastline folds into 5 sizeable glaciers for a full days excursion (approximately 8 hours in the park estimated).  You and your group will explore the park, moving from place to place with the goal to circumnavigate Straition Island in a roughly 10-15 mile journey depending on the group speeds and intentions (the average double kayak travels about 3mph).

Your guide will provide meals, gear, group management, and regional expertise.  Trips will travel at the pace of your group, so whether you'd like to cover as much ground as possible, or rest on a beach with your journal or camera - we work to accomodate!
Your biggest concern may very well be explaining the feeling you have when a piece of glacier the size of your home falls into the ocean in front of you, throwing up waves riddled with floating icebergs and dotted with pupping Harbor Seals. 

One Full Day
Minimum number of people: 2
Departs 6:00 AM, returning approx. 6 PM

$500 for one full day of paddling
$350 per day if booked with a group 3 day fishing & paddle package

This day trip goes to one of the least visited fjords in Kenai Fjords National Park, rarely seeing more than two tour boats a day.  Meals included.

Northwestern Day Trip $500.00 Per Person 

Fish & Paddle Package Rate - Book a 3 day fishing & kayaking trip and save $150 on your kayaking portion! $350.00 per day (2 days of Combo Fishing, 1 day Northwestern Day Trip) 

Price Match: Book a full day combination charter for the same day $350.00 per person (space available basis)