Exit Glacier Guides     Ice Hike - The Best Glacial Ice Hike Adventure In Seward Alaska

Our tours allow adventurous folks to ice climb and ice hike directly on the surface of local glaciers. Our two main playgrounds are Exit Glacier and Godwin Glacier, where we either hike in or approach by helicopter.  Our unique private Helicopter Exploration tours allow clients to experience the ice on their own terms, whether that is hard-charging or more laid back and easy going. We also offer unique alpine hiking trips and alpine mountineering  clinics and experiences.

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Kenai Fjords Exit Glacier National Park     FREE


There are some glaciers you can drive to, but very few that you can stroll to. With just a 10 to 15 minute drive out of Seward, you can hike right up to the Kenai Fjords National Park's Exit Glacier and experience the dense blue ice while listening to it crackle. Where many cruises embark and disembark, Exit Glacier is one of the most popular road-accessible glaciers in the state. In fact, it's only a 15-20 minute, flat walk from the parking area to the glacier, but you will walk through a trail in the forest and along a gravel river bar. At the start, you will follow history where you can see the changes in vegetation with the gradual melting of the glacier. Markers have been placed showing the glacier's recession over the past 120 years. The well-developed trails here have good footing and interpretive signs, explaining the return of plant life after the ice. 

For more info visit  https://www.alaska.org/detail/visit-exit-glacier

Tonsina Point Hike -  FREE    ( just a 1.8mi hike from lodge)

Hiking begins at the parking lot near the trailhead for the Caines Head Coastal Trail, will be the beginning section that hikes out to the Salmon stream and through the various elevations encountered as you descend to the beach and creek.. Its great hike, plan about 2 to 3hrs.