Kayaking Tours and Adventures!  

If its kayaking or paddle boarding you have come to one of the best kayaking areas of Alaska. Seward Alaska is fortunate to have the best of companies in our area offering these tours. Each has its specialty so take the time and look at each of their websites. All have had great responses from our guests.. For many who like to make the most of your time and may only have a half day to spend, consider morning or afternoon kayak excursion with one of these companies. 

Kayaking        Sunny Cove Sea Kayaking

THE SUNNY COVE EXPERIENCE   ( just a  few blocks from the lodge)  and their 1/2 day  Resurrection Bay tour leaves from this location

1/2 day, full day and multi-day  adventures

Paddle along the cliffs of Fox Island in Resurrection Bay, hike through ferns and forests near Lowell Point and Seward, cruise and kayak through the ice and watch glaciers calve into the ocean in Kenai Fjords National Park. Our personable and professional guides make the experience fun and educational. Providing exceptional eco-friendly tours since 1996.

        For more info and booking direct visit https://www.sunnycove.com

Kayaking        Kayak Adventures Worldwide

1/2day, full day and multi day adventures

The small group philosophy means a lot to us. We maintain a small group size (6 guests per guide) to maximize safety, education, and your experience. Moving in small groups enables us to minimize our impacts on the wildlife & areas that we visit. It also allows our guides to customize tours based on guests’ adventure goals & interests.

For more info and booking direct  visit  https://www.kayakak.com


Liquid Adventures

We create original experiences

The status quo is stagnant woe

We're creators. We pride ourselves in separating from the pack. Sure we run some of the classic trips in Seward that all of the companies run — they are great trips! However, we're always working on new, innovate ways to push the boundaries of what is possible in Seward — just look at our Aialik Bay Paddleboarding trip, a Liquid Adventures orginal that is certainly once-in-a-lifetime. 

for more information visit...  https://www.liquid-adventures.com

Kayaking       Adventure 60 North

1/2 day, full day , multi day , overnight trips

We offer full day kayaking trips, specializing in small group trips limited to 6 or less per guide.We are a small, local outdoor company focused on the personal touch and creating the perfect Alaskan experience for your group.Aialik Glacier near Seward, Alaska offers one of the most exciting wildlife and glacier viewing kayaking opportunities that you can visit in the heart of Kenai Fjords National Park! 

For more info and booking direct visit  https://www.adventure60.com